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My #1 goal is to make you money and get you customers

Ghost work

Go to is a multicultural barbershop located in San Antonio. This shop started with one barber, they have now scaled to a total of 5 barbers and 1 stylist. There initial web presence was minimum. They are now listed on most major search engines, have over 1k followers on their social media outlets, and have grossed over $22K on their website.

Go to

Vanadium Crossfit focuses on the fitness industry. They receive at least 4 new inquiries a day with a high conversion. This is due to innovative online selling.

Go to

Ay Chiwawa is a premier Mexican Restaurant located in Spring Ranch, TX. This is a new business that capitalizes on coupons and offers. They currently have over 30K impressions and growing.

Go to was built to compete against This beautiful site currently has over 300 users and growing. This website has not been around that long, but it’s social media exposure is growing at a tremendous rate.

Go to is a premier insurance agency with multiple locations. They have become one of the biggest insurance companies in Texas!!!

Go to is dedicated to getting high school students scholarships to college. They have offices in San Antonio and El Paso.

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why do they call me the internet ghost?

There is a reason why they call me the internet ghost

- Website and business solutions to meet your goals.

- I earn your business.

- The amount of money that you make is in direct correlation of the amount of offers that you make.

- I want you to make money!!!

My clients and friends refer to me as the internet ghost because I GET YOU EVERYWHERE YOU NEED TO BE ON THE WEB.


Not only that, but I seem to be everywhere on the web. Not only am I a website and applications design guru, but I know what it takes to get our business in front of your targeted audience. I am unlike any other website design company out there. I actually PRACTICE WHAT I SELL. I actually design and market my own websites as well. My social media pages and videos have over 300K IMPRESSIONS!!!

  • I practice what I sell

  • When working with me, my mission is to make you money!

  • I am only in this business to help you accomplish your goals

The break down

Here is the break down of how I can help you

1. Understand your business

Understanding what you do is key. It would be impossible for you to use my services if I don’t understand your business processes, product, services, and the audience.
At this stage we figure out if my services are a good fit for your business.

Analyze your business

At this stage we analyze your business and figure out what you need to get you to your goals. This is a critical part of the process. We figure out the problem and come up with a feasible solution. This is also where a lot of your content creation derives from. We find out what it takes to target your audience and get them calling and walking in your doors.

Content Creation

In creating this content, this is how we get customers calling and walking through the doors everyday. What ever it takes to fulfill your goals is what I will develop. It may take one website or maybe even 10 websites. The point is, I want customers knocking down your doors and begging for your services or products.

cash flow!!!

At this point we sit and watch the cash flow come in. The goal is to generate a new customer and increase customer retention. My #1 goal is not to make myself money, my #1 goal is to make you money.